Monday, December 13, 2010

Update Sporadia

Well lets get this out the way first: I've become a bit of a busy dood lately. First semester of college will be over in a week (wasn't that rough, fairly pleasant overall but the last few weeks haven't left me with much free time). I'm working two jobs now. Neither is particularly well paying but I have to do what I have to do. I've noticed my uni has a lot of empty unused classrooms so I'm trying to convince them to let me use one as a "Hackerspace" ( ). So far they seem pretty on board with the idea but it's taking up a lot of my time trying to get it underway. Suffice to say: I have not had much time to work on my Wii projects which we all love.

But I'm also not content with leaving everyone in the dark on my projects (whats open source for after all?) so I'll run through some quick updates for each after the break.

DOP-Mii : So the last release has worked out pretty well. Syscheck is causing issues for some people I've traced down to being problems with the new libogc. lukegb and I have both agreed we're sick of working on syscheck (we'd have to rewrite it again to get it to cooperate) so we're going to modify a build of Syscheck GX and forward users to the program when they want to use Syscheck. Users will then be able to be forwarded back to DOP-Mii from the modified Syscheck GX. This is trivial at best so lukegb will be doing it. Whenever he finishes I'll get back to adding new features to DOP-Mii.

Strife for Wii: It works. If I can I'll make a release before Christmas. There's a fair bit of work to do first but it's not too bad overall. It's pretty awesome.

WiiDOOM: Mr. Peanut jumped on board and got background music working as well as making a few bugfixes. Hopefully we'll do a new a release in the next week or so. There's just a little bit of cleanup and testing to do first.

Hexen and Heretic for Wii: I'm returning to investigating putting background music into them and getting dual analog stick support in (so you can move and turn at the same time). Probably at least one or two more releases in the not too distant future for them.

A brand new shooter port for Wii: Probably the most wanted port for Wii. Hopefully to be released before Christmas. Mostly just undergoing testing and tracking down a few game breaking bugs.

DeSmuME Wii: We're all taking a break from this for a little bit. I'm busy with other things. scanff is busy with work and other Wii projects. Dancingninja is busy with a new Wii project but still working on it occasionally. We've all mutually made up a bit of a "to-do list" and will probably return in full force around Spring to work on it.

Reality Boy Wii: I ported ALLEGRO to Wii ( ). The emulator works to some extent when compiled with my ALLEGRO port. I need to fix endian conversion and then hopefully it will work. If at all possible I want at least a crappy initial release by New Years. But we know how deadlines work for me :-P

nulldce for Wii: drk and some other guys have been doing really exciting things with it. I've stepped away from a bit to focus on other things but will be stepping back to it probably this weekend. All I've ever really done is texture conversion, little cleanup, and adding GC controls. I've barely done anything on the project in the grand scheme of things. Expect to wait a long time before I can provide you with encouraging news of a forthcoming release.

Android: Coinciding with one of my new jobs I've been doing a lot of Android programming lately. I'll hopefully be releasing a really stupid, free, just for fun app on the Android Marketplace sometime between January 6th and January 20th. I don't really know where I'm going with this right now. I have ideas for more apps after the first one, but I'm not really on board with the idea of selling any of my apps or even putting advertisements on any of them. Android is fun to program for and an interesting platform to explore the possibilities of; I'm not sure if I want to jeopardize that and use it as a means for profit.


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  2. Awesome updates Arikado! I really appreciate your work. That 'brand new shooter' must be something really special, only because you never mentioned which game it is (though I think it's quite obvious which game it is).

  3. For some reason the latest version of WiiDoom is giving me a code dump. I tried USB and SDHC with both the same result. I though the new version gave us USB and SDHC support, liar!

  4. @Anonymous AKA the asshole above this:
    You're using the shareware DOOM WAD which has a small reading issue with prboom causing crashes. We've fixed in the SVN several weeks ago so the fix will be present in the next release. To reiterate, because I'm sure you need it, this occurs only with the shareware version of DOOM.

  5. will we be able to use the classic pro for the nulldc wii???

  6. @Anonymous #2 above this
    If libogc supports it, then yes.

  7. It's great to hear someone is maintaining the DOOM port and music would be a grand addition.

    I don't expect a response but I'll guess that the shooter is perhaps Duke Nukem 3-D?

  8. If you are making a Wii port of Duke Nukem 3D, hopefully you are basing it off of EDuke32, which is the most improved, upgraded, and maintained source port.

  9. I'll tell to my readers on twitter to make you a generous donation this Christmas via paypal or whatever. You deserve it!.

    Very impresive job on wii. Keep on doing like this. ;-)