Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone reading this. It's been an incredible year and as it comes to a close I realize that it's all of you that have made the year so incredible. With your support I've brought DeSmuME, Hexen/Heretic, and soooo many other projects to the Wii homebrew table this year as well as greatly improving projects I had already been working on. In the almost three years I've been working on Wii homebrew (wow, it's really been that long?) I've noticed that each year tends to be more productive and exciting than my last. I intend to uphold that tradition in 2011 :-)

I had hoped to release some things today but it's not working out due to a number of factors involving that I didn't think my holiday would be as busy as it turned out to be and that I'm trapped with a Wifi connection that keeps timing out preventing me from uploading binaries. Once the latter is resolved (tomorrow) you'll see a new release of DOP-Mii fixing it's biggest issues and (if time permits) at least one other thing followed by hopefully a few more things over the course of the next week in the spirit of 27c3 (wish I was going btw :-( ).

Happy Holidays to everyone, it's going to be a great new year.


  1. Merry Christmas Arikado!I wish you the best!

  2. Merry Christmas mate and happy new year :P

  3. From Spain. Merry Christmas Arikado!!!!, and to all wii homebrew users!!!!!