Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SuperTux 1.2 for Wii Released

SuperTux is one of my favorite projects. It's seriously a great little game and it's been a joy to work on. I think this will probably be my last release of the application though, because I've finally finished it off as a complete port without anymore bugs in it.

  • Fixed USB Support for most (if not all) USB Devices
  • Updated CREDITS file in compliance with SuperTux
  • Miscellaneous little bug fixes and tweaks
Download: http://code.google.com/p/supertux-wii/downloads/list
Source: http://code.google.com/p/supertux-wii/source/checkout

IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET
Twitter: http://twitter.com/OArikadoO

I've had a blast working on this game. I hope you will enjoy it.

If you can, please support this and my other projects by donating via the Chip-In widget to the right of this page. Donations are used to buy development tools and to help yours truly survive in college.


  1. Thanks Arikado! I really like this game!
    I would donate, but I have no job, this is my senior year in high school you see :L

    I will surely make a small donation once I get a job and all that.

    I just have 1 question, how do I get rid of the black columns to the left and right of the screen? I see them when I play Gamecube games, some Wii games, some VC games, some WiiWare, and some Homebrew programs.

    I am using the official component cables from Nintendo (Wii in 480p), have Wii and HDTV set to 16:9.

  2. Try adjusting your TVs overscan settings.

  3. Fixed it, thanks! =D

  4. Arikado is there anything new about the nulldc on the wii?
    how long before we can play the nulldc on are wiis?

  5. I can't give you an ETA on nulldc for Wii because I'm not allowed to release it. It's not up to me when it gets released. But I can tell you there is a progress video somewhere on youtube showing what we've been up to (quality is horrible and it's sideways but hey)

  6. thanks.
    my other question is does street fighter 3 double impact work???

  7. It should. Im not currently aware of anything failing to run.

  8. how good does it work???

  9. Arikado,I watch your blog daily hoping for some news about Desmume Wii and Realityboy Wii.What's the current status?I think that you said that till the end of November you were going to release new buids.Can you inform us,please?

  10. Do to college, a very exciting secret project I am working on for Wii, working two jobs, and trying to find a way to have a social life; They'll be done when they're done. The work left before release of either of those programs is trivial at most. I just wont have the time to get around to it soon.

  11. Thanks for your answer.I wish you the best and I want to thank you for what you have accomplished in the Wii scene thus far.Good luck to your Wii secret project too!I hope that you will let us know soon.

  12. Here's a supertux wii question...how do you save? I'm not finding it in any documentation.

  13. Should be self-explanatory. But then again someone just asked me the same question and it turned out the Homebrew Browser still distributes a version thats over a year old and didnt have saving.

  14. Hi mate,

    Here is the link to download a forwarder for your homebrew “Super Tux Wii” (and Pissed...)

    Thanks for this game !