Monday, November 22, 2010

DOP-Mii v14.2 , WiiBrew Edition v14.5, and Library v1.2 Released

Well this is embarrassing. The awesome people who use DOP-Mii have found one more bug in the program. This time, it's again caused by libogc 1.8.5. DOP-Mii's lovely wiimote LED flashing code seems to crash about 3 out of every 5 times it's ran. So it's been (temporarily) disabled in all builds. I've uploaded new binaries of all the releases with the fix.


IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET

Now we should finally be bug free. For real this time.

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  1. Which version of DOP-Mii do you recommended?

  2. I recommend the main build of DOP-Mii.

  3. Nice update :)

    btw how's desmumewii coming along?

  4. Like DOP-Mii I'm missing the DeSmuME Wii deadline I set for myself by quite a bit. Dancingninja is doing the brunt of the work on the GPU and right now and Im doing a huge rewrite of our front-end for sound (screw you libogc 1.8.5 for messing everything up). Hopefully the next release will be out sooner than later.

  5. This is a newbie question I am very new to the softmod and I am trying to upgrade my DOP-Mii (v13) to the latest V14.5 but am unable to find a "how to"

    could anyone help me out I am really stuck


  6. Hi,
    With both versions (normal and brew) there is a code-dump during listing the IOS's.
    The wiimote put the LED's to off as the first indication (any button pressed makes all LED blink) then after showing some more entries it crashes.
    For normal (14.2) it happens in the second page (after continuing the listing).
    For wiibrew (14.5) this is after showing the fifth entry.
    I've tried with default IOS (36) and also changing the IOS - same trouble.

  7. @First Anonymous above this:
    It's really easy. Just copy the new download over your existing copy...

    @Second Anonymous (the one directly above this)
    If you want a working version of syscheck please use one of the deprecated builds of DOP-Mii or compile the SVN under a build of libogc that isn't libogc 1.8.5. libogc 1.8.5 has messed up DOP-Mii in ways we couldnt predict until it was released and we're working day and night (literally) to resolve the problems it has caused.

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  9. i use wii v 4.3u but whenever i begin the process of running dop-mii i get stuck at the stage asking me to press a on the wimote cause my wiimote loses sync. what should i do.