Monday, November 22, 2010

DOP-Mii v14.1 , WiiBrew Edition v14.4, and Library v1.1 Released

So yesterday's three releases of my DOP-Mii program had a few bugs in them. Thanks to the extremely helpful people who use the program I was able to fix each issue and even add in a (sort of) new feature to DOP-Mii.

Here's the changelog:
  • [All Builds] Fixed a bug caused by libogc 1.8.5 causing network initialization to crash for some users (thank you yellowstar for your support)
  • [All Builds] Fixed a bug causing USB drives to not be mounted properly not allowing USB users to take advantage of DOP-Mii's config file
  • [All Builds] Added an additional path where the DOP-Mii config file may be loaded from ( /apps/DOP-Mii/DOP-Mii.cfg )
  • [Library] Renamed some global variables to something more appropriate for a library
After fixing these bugs I've worked closely with people using all the different versions of DOP-Mii and I am not aware of any more bugs which currently exist in the program.


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