Sunday, November 21, 2010

DOP-Mii v14 Released

Well, it didn't come out as soon as I wanted it to, but it's finally here. And it finally works on all Wiis.

The actual changelog is too long to write out so I'll just list the big changes:
  • Proper AHBPROT support which no longer limits user functionality but instead extends it
  • [Bugfix] You can now install an IOS that accepts fakesigning on all Wiis (you must have AHBPROT present though)
  • [Bugfix] No more crashes from system report
  • Compatible with libogc 1.8.5 
I really worked my butt off getting back into DOP-Mii as the lead developer again and making the three simultaneous releases of it's branches today and I truly hope that everyone enjoys DOP-Mii.


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  1. :)I thank you for your releases. I've already read the other two. Keep it up.

  2. Good work Arikado, but I just want to remind you, that your forum is being spamed by bots with scam and dangerous pr0n that contain trojans. You should take it off the internet.

  3. Thanks anonymous. TBH, I'm surprised the site even still exists; I thought the hosting would've run out by now. I'll put in the request for it to disappear completely. Thanks again.