Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now affiliated with

In today's age of the Internet, it is very hard to find reputable sources of information. It is even harder to do so when English is not your first or dominant language.

I am pleased to announce that myself and this blog are now affiliated with . offers great and comprehensive news, guides, and tutorials for Wii Homebrew in German for it's users. It has a very large and intelligent user base and I welcome members from its site to mine while meanwhile encouraging members of my sites to check out their website. What this means is a larger network of users between both sites which is good for everyone. really is a great site and I strongly encourage everyone reading this to pay them a visit.


  1. I been looking for good German brew site for long time. Thanks.

  2. I <3

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  4. @camilynn
    This is scam!

    @rest is much better :D
    Although we need some small adverts on our tutorials we dont have as much as Wii-Homebrew