Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DeSmuME Wii r154 Released

Up until now I haven't been too loud about every time I upload a build of DeSmuME Wii to it's google code SVN's download tab. This is for no particular reason other than that the builds haven't really been that high quality or feature complete and because I have more feedback on the emulator than I can keep up with reading.

DeSmuME Wii r154 is different. This is the first release I've uploaded that I firmly believe is an important and powerful revision. At this point, 95% of DS games should be able to be booted  and about 30% of those should be fully playable. The layout on your SD Card or USB device is nice and clean now. We also have loading and saving savegames finally working perfectly. Lastly, we have a number of different ways you can view the emulator including just filling your TV with the top or bottom screen (which is really cool to use with Yoshi's Island, Fire Emblem, and other games which play only on one of those two screens).

So with all of this in mind, you'd be crazy to not give DeSmuME Wii a quick whirl. Thus, I'm being a bit less tight lipped about this release.

Download DeSmuME Wii r154: Google Code Download
Get the source DeSmuME Wii r154: Google Code Checkout
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  1. This is a very good version !
    You are doing excellent work!
    Since the rev77 (first one I tested), the emulator has progressed really well!
    good job!

  2. Wow....just wow...I dropped out of this a month ago and now that im more active, HOLY HELL. Great work man, I laughed when Double Team DS went slow, then worked. Keep it up man! :P

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  4. Hello, great job, you can compile a version for gamecube? I hope to help me

  5. I have no interest in creating a gamecube version of this application.

  6. what games are running perfect or good?
    you say 30% but there are thousands of ds games....dunno

    can you please give names of working ds games for the wii emulaTOR?

    and of course, thank you very much for investing your time in that project :)