Dear Genya Arikado,
Your message concerns the alleged infringement of your (or your client’s) works regarding the domain name MYHOMEBREWARE.COM. We request that your supply the following information in order to process your claim:
  1. A good faith certification, under penalty of perjury, stating:
      1.  Person making request is an authorized representative of the works.
      2. The work infringes the rights of another party.
      3.  The name of such said party.
      4. The works being infringed.
      5. That use of works claimed to be infringing at issue is not defensible.
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
William V. Rose
Office of the General Manager
Domains By Proxy, Inc.
For a quicker and more convenient process, please submit your future complaints by following the revised instructions found on the Domains by Proxy Legal Page:

I quickly responded to them:

Dear William V. Rose,

I hereby willingly submit your requested information which is to the best of my knowledge entirely accurate as part of my claim against MYHOMEBREWARE.COM. I will backup up my statements with links to relevant information to further ratify my claims.

1. I am labeled as an owner of the software Dop-IOS MOD which I created by the official subversion repository for the software (operated by googled) here: . Furthermore, there is other software being illegally sold by the offending website which I will list in point 4. I do not represent nor do I imply to represent any software other than Dop-IOS MOD.

2. Dop-IOS MOD is licensed under the GPL license: . This software is being sold by the offending website for profit without my consent which violates the GPL. As stated in point 1, there is other software protected under similar licenses and in some cases same license which I do not represent but will mention in point 4.

3. I am not the sole developer of Dop-IOS MOD, there is no name for the collaborative efforts of myself and my fellow developers. So I give you the names of all parties being infringed upon by the illegal sale of Dop-IOS MOD (as listed on the subversion repository): Myself;,,, and Other parties being infringed upon whom I do not represent will be listed in point 4 as stated previously along with their infringed software.

4.The Dop-IOS MOD software which I am an owner of and represent is being infringed upon by the sale of it without my consent which violates the GPL. Furthermore, here is a list of other software which I do not represent but is illegal to sell:

[*]HackMii Installer, called boot.elf in the software being sold, owned by
[*]IOS38-64-v3610.wad copyrighted by Nintendo ( )
[*]NeoGammaR7.wad which contains code inside it's banner copyrighted by Nintendo ( ) and an executable copyrighted by WiiPower ( )
[*]USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad which was created and licensed under
[*]USB_Loader_GX-ULNR-r688.wad which contains a banner copyrighted by Nintendo ( ) and an executable licensed under the GPL and copyrighted by the people USB Loader GX Team ( )
[*]Installer program for cIOS rev 14 which is copyrighted and licensed under the GPL by Waninkoko ( )
[*]Homebrew Browser which is copyrighted by teknecal
[*]Bannerbomb which is copyrighted by Comex ( )

5. I assure you that the sale of the works in point 4. including the ones I do not claim to represent violates legal licenses as evidenced by information contained within the websites I linked to. This is an issue which I find to be entirely non-defensible and highly illegal.

I truly appreciate your response and obvious concern over this matter. You have me deepest gratitude.

Genya Arikado