Monday, March 22, 2010

Miscellaneous news and facebook fail

So lately I haven't been up to too much publicly. I've been mostly wasting my time trying to get my savegame stuff to play nice (and better) with DOP-Mii. I've also restarted development on DeSmuME Wii (which is progressing at a rapid rate now -- more on that later). So nothing too exciting publicly at the moment with the exception of a a fun little legal battle.

For those of you that don't know, I'll be going away to compete in the Model United Nations competition in New York for the latter half of this week. I really wanted to show off something awesome before then but I realized today that I don't have the time to make it happen. So I thought I'd show off a hilarious tidbit from my personal life instead (plus I've been dieing to make one of these images like all the others I see on the internet - it was a fun little experience). This personal occurrence just happened yesterday between me and someone I thought I was really good friends with and have never done anything to, it reminded me of how I got banned on gbafail.

So ... Yeah. Enjoy. I'll have some new cool stuff real soon after this competition is over. The 'personal occurrence' is after the break (click Read More to see it).



  1. Model UN. HAHAHA ... don't make me laugh.

    OMG, the mindless masses that will eat up what the government and corporations force feed them. Then they make you feel good for memorizing and repeating their propoganda and supporting a corrupt system of profit at the cost of human life and freedom.

    These orginazation only represent the denial of human freedoms, human rights and the supression of the human spirit. Not to mention the very deep web of deception and manupulation on the sheeple.

    Really sad to see that our children are so brain washed into enforcing slavery onto their brothers and sisters.

    Think otherwise? then I feel sorry for you. The elite rich have really scrammbled your brains.

  2. Anonymous 1:
    I completely agree with you but it honestly doesn't apply to me. If you've ever read anything political I've posted you'll find out I'm against 99% of the shit governments do.

    Reading material:
    Moar reading material:,51306,51339#msg-51339

    Also, tbh, I'm really much more interested in the 3 night stay at the hotel involving a pool party with 30+ girls (there are only 3 guys including myself :3) than the competition itself.

  3. Very glad to read that you have your head on your shoulders and are truely intelligent to think for your self. You are able to see the truth behind all the propoganda and distractions that are designed to only cleverly enslave humanity, enslave our minds, our health, our joy/love, our perception of reality, our perception of our brothers/sisters and our spirits.

    Keep up the good work Arikado! Have fun on your trip :D