Thursday, March 4, 2010

DOP-Mii v12 Released

Things all started with how Dop-IOS let you install other IOSes, but used cIOS 249 exclusively to do so. As IOS249 is primarily a piracy IOS (which is in some cases is itself illegal) many people felt a certain resentment toward it's exclusivity on which the authors have no comment. A better solution for all users would've been to allow users to select which IOS they use to install other IOSs. This is why DOP-IOS MOD was created.

Since fulfilling its original purpose, DOP-IOS MOD has brought many new and improved features to it's Dop-IOS base (or "core" if you will). Eventually, it became less and less of a port and more and more of a unique creation.The name was changed to Dop-Mii in compliance with the v12 overhaul of the application since the application had long lost it's Dop-IOS similarity.

Here's the full list of changes for v12:

IOS Menu Changes
  • You can now select what version of an IOS you want to install. Including Stubbed IOSes if you want to revirginize your Wii.

    • NOTE: Just because the option is available to install any IOS version. Not all Wiis will support the lower IOS versions.
  • Uninstall IOS feature
  • Added BC & MIOS Support
  • Menu now driven by a homegrown title database. It now knows what IOS versions can have what patches applied to them.
  • IOSes can now be installed into empty Slots. To perform the install Hold A then press +.
Channels Menu
  • Can now be installed via WAD. Menu will tell you the WAD Filename it requires. If the Channel requires 2 different titles it will display both WAD filenames.
System Menu
  • You can now upgrade or downgrade to ANY System Menu version.

    • NOTE It is not recommended to downgrade below 3.2 if you have a newer Wii. Rule of thumb is if you can't install BootMii as Boot2 then you should not go below 3.2.
  • Installer will check to make sure you have the correct IOS with the correct IOS Version installed before installing the selected system menu. If the IOS is not installed, it will prompt and install the IOS.
  • If Priiloader is installed, it will temporarily backup Priiloader. It will prompt you at the end of the System Menu installation if you would like to restore Priiloader.
  • Can now be installed via WAD. Menu will tell you the WAD Filename it requires. If IOS is required it will also provide the IOS WAD filename.
Boot2 Menu
  • Yes there is now Boot2 Upgrade Support. We were requested to add it in. I would like to give a special thanks to Bushing for providing me the ES_ImportBoot code to ensure that Boot2 gets updated properly. If you are already at Boot2v4 you will not get the option to upgrade as you are already at the latest version.

    • NOTE: If you have BootMii installed as Boot2. Beyond our control it will wipe it out. You will need to reinstall BootMii as Boot2 after Boot2 has been upgraded.
    • NOTE: As a reminder, when your boot2 is upgraded, it CANNOT be downgraded.
Other Changes
  • Removed FakeSign check for TBR Restore so that if people have a corrupt IOS36 they can reinstall it.
  • WiiMote LEDs now flash during installation. This can be disabled via the config file.
  • Wii LEDs now flash during installation. This can be disabled via the config file.
  • Removed USB 2.0 checking from SysCheck.
  • Because of new Title Database. SysCheck now reports on all Installed NON-STUBBED IOSes.
  • SysCheck will now ask where you want to save the report.
  • Added a config file with the following tags.

    • alternateURL: This will allow you to specify an alternate url to try downloading the NUS files. If it cannot find the file or has troubles connecting to the alternate url then it will fallback to NUS. If the files are cache it will try and load the cached files before attemping to download from ALT or NUS.

    • cacheFolder: You can now specify where the files are to be cached. This can be stored on either on SD or USB. If the setting is blank or does not exist. No Caching will take place.

      • Example: sd:/nus/{TITLEID1}/{TITLEID2}/v{VERSION}
      • Example: usb:/nus/{TITLEID1}/TITLEID2}/v{VERSION}
    • defaultIOS: You can now specify what the default IOS will be when it shows the initial IOS Selection Screen.
    • wiiMoteLeds: On = WiiMote LEDs will flash during installations. To disable set the config to Off
    • wiiLeds: On = Wii Disc LEDs will flash during installations. To disable set the config to Off
    • TAG Definitions

      • {TITLEID1} : if TitleId is 0000000100000024. TITLEID1 is 00000001
      • {TITLEID2} : if TitleId is 0000000100000024. TITLEID2 is 00000024
      • {VERSION}  : Version of title (Optional) 

    Support forum:
    IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET


    1. Awesome job with this project!

      Just one issue that I'm having with the final v12 release.

      It won't let me download anything from NUS. As soon as I try to grab an IOS I get the DSI Exception error. It happened 5 or 6 times in a row.

      Then I tried Dop-IOS Mod v8 and v12beta7, and both worked perfectly. Went back to Dop-Mii v12, and crashed again.

      Do I need the config folder on my SD card? I didn't bother putting that folder on my card. But I didn't use it for v12beta7 either, but v12beta7 works just fine.

      Anyway, I've gone back to v12beta7 for now, but it really is a wonderful job that you've done!

    2. Yeah, you need the config stuff.

    3. Thanks! It connects to NUS just fine now.

      One other question or request. Is it possible to allow fakesigning to be applied to older IOS files again (IOS17, IOS21, etc.)? Dop-IOS Mod v8 applies the fakesigning to these IOS files, but v12 seems to have removed this ability for many of the older IOS files.

    4. Hi!

      What does upgrading Boot2 to v4 actually do?
      Any pluses?

    5. @Anonymous
      Really? Hm ... I'll look into it. I'm completely unaware of that. I'll get back to you in the comments asap.

      There are only disadvantages to performing the update, but many people who want to irregardless feel it is safer to use our updater than Nintendos.

    6. just fwiw, Nintendo uses ES_ImportBoot2 too so your code is as safe as Nintendo's.

    7. That is true.