Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is this???

Seriously. What could it be???

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Now to be honest, all of my work has been done involving the DeSmuME core itself. I actually did nothing to contribute to the GUI, but the rest of the team (which is rather quite large now) did. More info in the near future ... (Looks I did have something awesome to show off just before my mini vacation o_0)

IRC channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET

Update: Just realized that (as revealed in comments) this is only a teaser of the GUI, or rather a photo shop cleaned up version of it. The only thing photo shopped in is the game case art which will eventually be put into the real GUI. There are also a few things in the GUI now that aren't in the image.

Update 2: Please please please don't ask for a release date. We can't possibly even estimate one at the moment for fear of inevitably breaking it. Please understand that this is really, really, hard stuff.


  1. looks like a raped USB loader IMHO

  2. It's based off of libwiigui so I guess you could say it looks like everything else that is too (uloader, vbagx, snes9xgx, fceugx, etc.)

  3. when do you expect something to be playable, assuming that something is not yet?

    i believe the google code site said nothing is running yet.

    i am anxiously awaiting this project and an official release even if just a beta.

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  5. And looking at it now... The current GUI looks a lot "smoother" on screen than it does in the image above. I really need to post an updated (an actual screen-shot) version as soon as I'm able. You really MUST see it.

  6. Hah, I had no idea it was a photoshop. I figured it was a screenshot of your GUI actually running.

    Also, I wasn't planning about telling people as much as you did in order to keep people away from spamming us with "is it done yet?"s

    If you want, I can remove this post.

  7. Oh, Well then "allow me" to delete my first post. xD

  8. Sure lol, it was really up to you. I actually don't mind publicity but sometimes it can become stress/anxiety fast haha.

    Anyways, do you want me to just delete this post or leave it?

  9. Keep it. Nothing wrong with showing off what has been done. As I said (before deleting the comment), only the cover display is missing from where we are at now, and barely any (2 or 3) new features have been added that aren't in this photo, so this is actually an accurate display of the GUI progress.

  10. Awesome :-D I'll need to sit down and compile what ya have as soon as I can.

  11. Oh lastly, just to make sure it's clear (you care about weird things like this at 3 in the morning lol), the whole "What is this???" thing is just me hiding information haha

  12. Oh, and quick recommendation for when you do get around to the game case art stuff, have the program load the artz externally and then free() it before emulation to save me all the RAM you can. I'm sure you probably already figured this out though.

  13. Will I have to use the wiimote as a stylist on my tv? Like, will there be 2 screens or will I have to get 2 tv's to run this???

    lol..... j/j Maybe you can post this on when it's ready Arikado ;-)

  14. Maybe I could help a little by making pictures for a GUI? I can handle with the MLlib to make you a nice looking Interface for the emulator?

  15. Will there be a chance of using DS homebrew to be used for input from the DS?
    It would be like playing the DS on a bigger screen.
    (Not the DSi XL)

  16. I don't think that it is easy to make this because there isn't any hombrew out yet that supports connection to the DS

  17. Ok ... i realy REALY dont want to sound like an ASS ...
    especialy when the people working on this project work realy hard and all .. but ...

    I am guessing that the hole Touch screen of the DS
    is going to be moved to the Screen itself ...
    We will probably have a split screen ..
    an we will use the wiimote's 'hand' as a stylus ...
    IF that is the case ... games such as
    Pokemon Ranger .... will be out of the question to play ....

    So i was wondering there any posibility
    that we can use a DS as a Remote ... ??