Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Savegame Manager MOD v1.0 Released

One of the major hindrances of the Wii's savegame system is that, for reasons only Nintendo understands, some savegames can not be transferred back and forth from the Wii and vice versa. To counter this and make gamers all over the world rejoice in happiness, Waninkoko created a program called Savegame Manager that owuld transfer any save back and forth from the Wii to the SD Card. Unfortunately, Waninkoko forced his cIOS 249 onto everyone that wanted to use his program. As his cIOS 249 mainly used for piracy, most users did not want to use Savegame Manager.

So today, after nearly a month of hard work, I am pleased to released Savegame Manager MOD. It works exactly like Savegame Manager but you can use any IOS you want so long as that IOS has NAND permissions installed in it. If you need NAND permissions installed in an IOS, my Dop-IOS MOD program can do that for you.


Support forum:
IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET


  1. Thanks for the homebrew release!

  2. i love it, i agree with the whole piracy issue, however i have figured out waninkokos... yours is much better!