Friday, July 17, 2009

A Simple Explanation of what System Menu 4.1 is for Wii Homebrewers

What it is:

Wii System Menu 4.1 is the exact same as System Menu 4.0 except that there is a bug fix (presumably in the system menu) for Wii Sports Resort. The bug fix corrects the issue of forcing players to watch a video about how to plug in Wii Motion Plus (IMO, it's the same as plugging in the nunchuk :-P) every time they start the game after using a channel in the SD Menu.

What this means for Wii Homebrewers/Hackers:
  • Preloader currently doesn't work on 4.1 This has been fixed by homebrewers/hackers
  • Themes no longer work
  • Copy protected save files moved to the SD Card before updating cannot be moved back to the Wii (Use Waninko's Save Manager to counter this)
So should Homebrewers/Hackers Update?

If you're on 4.0, and the things above don't bother you, then I honestly don't see a reason not to update. Especially if you're planning on picking up Wii Sports Resort. If you've never upgraded to 4.0 yet, there's really no reason to now. Just use GeckoOS to launch Wii Sports Resort if you buy it to continue to avoid updating.

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  1. I haven't homebrewed my Wii, I don't think I've ever updated it...but I'm not against the idea of doing that. So i don't want to cut down my choices. I just picked up Wii Sports Resort to I'm gonna check this GeckoOS out :)