Saturday, July 18, 2009

ChickHEN R2 Fix for PSP 2000 and 3000 Released

Again, another unnaturally "newsy" post for me, but one that it is extremely important to PSP Homebrewers like myself on 2000 or 3000 model PSPs.

One of my complaints of running PSP Homebrew via the chickHEN Homebrew Enabler is that it can be very hard to get working. Initially, I had to format my PSP System and my memory stick to get it to work. Then, soon after when I began to replace my lost files, it stopped working again.

Now, a hacker by the name of "chickut123" has released a special version of chickHEN that corrects my complaint. To use it, you need only replace the slim.ttf file with chickut123's. However, you can not have any other photos on the memory stick or else chickut123's chickHEN will not work. Never fear though, he is working on correcting the problem.

You can download chickut123's chickHEN R2 Fix version of chickHEN from where I am sourcing this article here on tehskeen.

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