Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to use Mibbit to Connect to the IRC from your Web Browser

Mibbit is a unique IRC client that allows people to connect to and participate in the IRC from their Web Browser. The purpose of this post is to show you how to connect to any IRC Channel using Mibbit.

First let's go to the Mibbit website by clicking here.

Click on the image link on the left that says, "Start Chatting Now"

Now you'll be presented with a mostly green background with three boxes in the middle. We're going to ignore the lower two boxes (that say "Browse IRC Networks" and "Login to IM [ Twitter ]") and focus only on the top box that says "IRC"

Next to the word "IRC" there is a drop-down menu. Every selection you can choose in this menu is a different server you can connect to. For the purposes of this tutorial, choose the server "EFNET [webirc]"

Now, in the box below that says "Nick:" Enter in a screen name that you would like to use in the IRC.

Penultimately, in the box on the right that says "Channel:" Enter in the IRC channel you would like to connect to. For the purposes of this tutorial, lets use #arikadosblog

Now finally, click the action button "Go" on the right of the channel box and you'll be connected to #arikadosblog on EFNET.

To join more channels on the server, or network, you connected to (EFNET in this tutorial) type: /join #thechannelyouwanttojoin and a new tab in mibbit will open up connecting you to that IRC channel. Other channels you may wish to join are #wiihelp and #tehskeen on EFNET.

See you on the IRC,

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