Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RE: Nintendos Press Conference

I don't think I'm quite talented enough to write an essay summing up everything about the conference, so I'll just respond to the main points below:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
This is almost something I'm surprised we haven't seen yet, a simultaneous multi-player Mario game. Hooray for 2D, and new content. However, it almost looked a little too easy (except for Cammie :P)... I hope there's a single player mode though so I can play the game without other people weighing me down.

Wii Fit Plus
Biggest cash in ever. Ever. Re-releasing Wii Fit with hardly any new content (as far as I could tell anyway)? That stand alone software pack better at least be really cheap... Also, wasn't there supposed to be online functionality with it or something?

Wii Sports Resort
Looks nice, but its taking too long to come out. Basketball looked terrible though. So did skydiving. I'll prolly end up passing on this one and getting the red steel 2 bundle instead.

Golden Sun 3
YES!!!!!!!1111112 The originals were some of the greatest gba games ever. I'm extremely surprised! Interesting that Isaac is the main character again. (I personally preffered Felix - or would've liked a new main character but whatever <_<).

Mario Galaxy 2
Super Mario World meets Mario Galaxy? The two greatest games in one? This will be the best Mario game ever. Period.

Wii Vital Sensor
Microsoft comes with NATAL and all wii get is a pulse meter? And you cant even give us an example of how it will be used? I'm pretty sure this will end up being another plastic peripheral Nintendo wont support (like the Zapper, Wheel, and Wii Speak). My biggest complaint though is that you can't use the nunchuk and the device at the same time. So all games that use it will be wiimote only. Lame <_< I honestly would've been happier if I even just saw a new Nintendogs game. (On second thought, maybe not :P - seeing nothing after Iwatas long winded speech would've been the better)

Metroid: The Other M
What do you know! Nintendo does listen to its fans. We're finally getting a 2(.5?)D Metroid game on a console. Talking Nintendo characters too? o_O By far, the best announcment of the show.

Verdict: Overall, much better than last year. Probably at least as good as the Microsoft's conference this year. However, I would've liked more information on some things like the vital sensor and Wii Fit Plus. The "core" titles they announced though more than make up for it ;) I hope this means Nintendo is moving back to making better games.

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