Monday, June 1, 2009

TheLemonMans PSP Plugin

My friend and colleague TheLemonMan has just released a PSP Homebrew plugin here: Download

From the README:
"Language patcher 0.1 - 2009

The Lemon Man (C)
This is a simple plugin wich fake the system language so you can
keep your xmb in english for not mess up themes and play in your
own language.

To install it just copy the langPatch.prx in the seplugins folder
and activate it in the game section, then create a file called
language.bin and using an hex editor put the code of the language you want

0 - Japanese
1 - English
2 - French
3 - Spanish
4 - German
5 - Italian
6 - Dutch
7 - Portuguese
8 - Russian
9 - Korean
10 - Chinese (trad)
11 - Chinese (simp)

Another quality release from Italy :D

Note : To compile the plugin you need the M33 sdk, the lastest is
included with the fw 4.01m33"

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  1. Thanks for the space in ur blog m8 :D