Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just wanted to bring everyone's attention to raz0red's initial release of WiiMednafen : . It's a multi-system emulator for Wii homebrew.

You may recall that Wiirtual Boy was a partial port of Mednafen to Wii which was written 95% by raz0red, optimized by Rypecha (the original author of mednafen) specifically for the Wii and had a few minor contributions made to it by yours truly.

Anyways, I've had nothing to do with WiiMednafen (I was offered the opportunity to work on porting it which I initially took up, but I never did anything since the project began when school resumed for me and I was just way too busy) but I think it's important that Wiirtual Boy fans switch to using WiiMednafen instead of Wiirutal Boy because WiiMednafen brings many new features and improvements to Wiirtual Boy.

Once again, kudos to raz0red for his fantastic work on WiiMednafen.


  1. I'm sure this would be the wrong post to put this on but not sure how you receive the comments here. But uh I know i saw that the desmume wii was close to being upgraded to the newer version but that was a while back and it was said it was nearly done with the exception of a couple of files. Just curious, not trying to be a bother, just keeping track of my fav emu. BTW yay that castlevania dawn of sorrow works on it, even if slow. Awesome work man, keep it up, and don't let school kick your ass.

  2. Thanks for the update. It's always good hearing about what a dedicated dev is up to these days.

  3. hey watever happen to the nulldce on the wii?

  4. I feel sorry to ask you something that it is not related to your post but I don't know any other way.I have three questions for you.
    1) Is it possible to load VB roms from USB with your excellent Wiirtual Boy emulator?
    2)Is there any progress at the DC emu for Wii?
    3)What is going on with DesmumeWii?It seems that the project is totally abandoned.Is there any plans for it?

    Oh man,I feel currently depressed.Why have you abandoned Wii homebrew scene? :-(((

  5. Hey Arikado, hows things on going with Desmume?
    The Project page hasn't had an update in a while?

    thanks :)

  6. new mednafen o.1 relaese arikado you abandoned Wii homebrew scene?

  7. Arikado hasn't abandoned the Wii scene, but I know he's been working on android apps and he's a student so AFAICT he doesn't have as much free time.
    I'm not sure if he comes on this blog anymore...

  8. Hey Arikado. Any updates?

  9. Asking for updates never made homebrew devs release stuff faster or get their motivation higher so really just be patient and understand that these people do whatever they like with their free time, just like you do, no matters how cool you think emulators are.

    Actually, the lack of update is not dev's fault but due to the very limited amount of people willing to seriously get their hand into coding or porting stuff, and the big majority of people simply waiting to get spoonfeeded.

  10. I don't know the first thing about coding but I wish I did so I could help with these things. Anyone wanna teach me? :)