Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DOP-Mii v16 BETA

A new version of devkitPPC and libogc was released a few days ago. According to the changelog it fixed bugs that Daco and I bitched about relentlessly which broke DOP-Mii and priiloader. This resulted in a lot of rewriting on both our parts (probably for the better though to be honest) to comply with the newer libogc. Unfortunately, DOP-Mii was still not perfect for everyone. I probably get at least one or two messages a week from someone reporting a crash and I usually can't distinguish if it's a rare case not being refused to be handled that exposes a libogc bug which I don't check for or if it's someone incorrectly using DOP-Mii.

Anyways, I'm really overtired so I'll stop blathering. If you can, please try out the BETA .dol linked to at the end of this post. Let me know if it fixes stuff for you, gives you new problems, or if nothing changes for you. Assuming that this fixes stuff (syscheck no longer crashes on my end) for everyone I can probably get rid of most if not all of the code I wrote in to not load certain IOSs with certain patches and then try another beta release ... and if that works then do an official release and then finally get back to adding features to DOP-Mii instead of fixing existing stuff.

As always thanks for your patience on this and for all of the support. I would've given up on this project a long time ago if it weren't for all the awesome people out there.


  1. I originally fixed the crash on IOS installation in v15 by disabling the WiiMote LED animation.

    This beta also fixes the sysCheck crash.

  2. Ty sir. I'm always looking forward to using what you and the other developers release

  3. So....totally not pressuring you or anything but please come out with an update soon