Sunday, November 21, 2010

DOP-Mii WiiBrew Edition v14.3 Released

I've just released v14.3 of DOP-Mii WiiBrew Edition. For those who may not recall, DOP-Mii WiiBrew Edition is a stripped down version of DOP-Mii which does not contain any functionality relating to patching or installing patched IOSs.

In this release I've worked hard with lukegb (the primary maintainer of the WiiBrew Edition branch) to make sure that you don't need any magic libogc builds to compile the release, that everything is updated to what I use in the main build of DOP-Mii, and to squash every single bug in the program. Like the other versions of DOP-Mii, a lot of hard work went into this build and I hope everyone will appreciate it.


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