Saturday, July 3, 2010

SuperTux Wii 1.1 Released

I recently set-up Wii homebrew for a friend of mine. When I was finished, he was asking me about homebrew games he could play for the Wii (unlike most people, he does not care about emulation or piracy :o). So I thought to myself, "Hey, there's gotta be a SuperTux port around here somewhere. That game's a blast to play." And there was indeed a SuperTux port for Wii. I was shocked to learn it was actually written by favorite coding partner scanff.

My excitement quickly waned when I played it though. scanff did a lot of great work and took the port very far. However, the port was still long away from being complete with awkward controls, video issues, a broken save system, and other serious issues making it rather unenjoyable to play. Not one to complain, I spent the last week fixing all of these issues. I also added new things to the port such as USB support and some Wii personalization to make it a little less of a direct port.

Now, SuperTux Wii is a fully complete port that plays exactly as you would expect it to without any problems.

In the not too distant future, scanff and I will probably look into adding support for more forms of control and fixing that annoying static that occurs occasionally during loading sequences. For now though, I'm sure everyone will be more than satisfied with this port.

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  1. Never heard of it. Seems cool though.

    Also, not rushing you or anything, but how's DeSmuMe Wii coming along? Just curious.

  2. I just made a new release ( 185 ) earlier this week. It's 50% updated to 0.9.6 core. The other 50% will be updated when I finish the video rasterizer. Which isn't going to happen any time soon because they multi-threaded it and it's just not going to run on Wii without a complete rewrite by yours truly. Rest assured, I'm spending about an hour or two a day working on it.

  3. I've played that game before, it's a lot of fun, especially the level editor. I like most of the Tux game clones. BTW you need to check your emails more often...