Friday, July 2, 2010

Lulz and Newz

First some lulz.

I got an anonymous e-mail the other day pointing me to this page written about the "drama" between myself and fatquack that occurred forever ago. (NSFW) While I don't particularly condone the making fun of pictures of fatquack's family members, the page is surprisingly accurate and relatively humorous so I figured I'd share. At the very least, it's interesting to actually look at the guy who wanted to arrest me on a basis of  purely 10 year old speculation six months ago.

Now for some newz.

I've been working on some really big stuff lately. Most of it I haven't ever talked of publicly ever before. I'm finally ready to start releasing some of it. The first of it will be released late tomorrow (later tomorrow on account of I have to work and I need to get someones permission before I release it). You're all sure to enjoy it ;-) (No, nothing regarding emulation this time)


  1. I wonder what it will be :O

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  3. I'm really wondering what is the other stuff you are gonna release... hints, please?

  4. I have a new policy of not talking about anything until it's working exceptionally well. Sorry.