Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twitter Strikes Back

Call this a coincidence, or call this a message to me from Twitter. Today, I realized that Twitter has finally updated and for the moment broken all of my Twitter password grabbing programs.

Here's what happened: It would appear that starting today, after you attempt to log into an account on Twitter unsuccessfully 10 times, your IP address is blocked from logging into that account for the next sixty minutes. However, you can still try to log into other accounts. This essentially kills my programs after they've tried 10 password combinations for sixty minutes until they can try 10 more.

I already have a solution to this problem and a working proof of concept of the solution in action. In fact, this solution can probably be adapted to allow the programs to realize when to stop trying passwords. I'll see if I can at the very least fix up the dictionary attack by the end of next week. Stay tuned!


  1. I don't think this should be your top priority with desmume wii and Dop-Mii suffering in development. desmume wii hasn't had another release since April 20th.

  2. @Anonymous
    Sorry, I forgot I work for you. DOP-Mii currently has tons of new features in our private builds, sometime in June we're gonna make a huge update. DeSmuME Wii's last SVN committ we made publicly runs some games at full speed. In private, we're working on an implementation of libwiigui to finish before the net public committ. It is mostly functional now. However, there may be more accuracy and speed improvements committed before its in.

    The nice part about these projects is that I can take a break from them to let the other devs mess with them. When I take a break, I hack Twitter or work on something else. This way, I'm always doing something interesting publicly :)

  3. Didn't mean to sound rude, I'm just suggesting that you do what's best and also hoping that you stay on track, but it seems like you have everything sorted out just fine.

  4. What do you have in mind for fixing the programs?

  5. He is just a attention seeking arrogant brat, his posts is so revealing.

  6. Thanks above anonymous AKA Len ^_^