Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking for a Wii Game to Make Cheat Codes For

So I just received my USB Gecko in the mail about a few days ago and finally got around to trying it out. It really is a truly awesome little device. Now I'll be able to debug and improve my code quicker.

Messing around with it, I was able to quickly make cheat codes for several popular games. However, a quick google showed me that these codes I made had already been made before me. I was recently lead to believe that the cheat code making scene has slowed down quite a bit and I would love to contribute some new codes for it.

As I really don't follow the scene, I figured I'd post offering to make cheat codes if there are any codes people want really badly. Making cheat codes is a rather trivial process, but one that I can undergo to better understand the USB Gecko and teach myself to better debug my homebrew. If you have an idea for a cheat code I could make, please let me know in a comment to this post or shoot me an e-mail at

But of course, remember, I can't make any guarantees (you never know what curveballs you may be thrown in the development process) nor can I commit an excessive amount to this (I think everyone would rather see me put more time into DeSmuME than spend more than 20 minutes making a cheat code)


  1. it would be nice to know that DeSmuME Wii is your most important project, and the google code page has been incredibly slow for awhile now, but...

    i would like some cheats for SMG2.

    such as: always yoshi, yoshi color mod, always various power ups, etc.

  2. Alright, when I get my hands on a copy of the game I'll see what I can do.

    Also, fwiw, I spent the last 4 days updating the DeSmuME Wii core to the DeSmuME 0.9.6 builds. Some stuff is broken and needs to be reoptimized to get it working again. Hopefully a new commit this weekend. All of the devs and I took a short break for a bit due to too many things in life catching up to us.

    Lastly, Im asking for cheat codes requests primarily because making cheat codes gives me experience with the Gecko to better debug and examine homebrew with it ;-)

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  4. @Scott
    You and your product myhomebreware are absolutely pathetic. Cease and desist placing links to it on my blog.

  5. What games do you have available for yourself?

  6. I can buy any channel or VC game (as long as I dont buy too many) . I have about 20 wii games, all the popular ones. And I JUST got galaxy 2 now that my mate finished it. I havent even played it yet though ... way too busy