Monday, May 3, 2010

When tehskeen died, very few people were quite as upset as I was. There was no longer one definitive site to turn to for general news on hacking. I found myself unfortunately pointing people to gbatemp because there really was nowhere else. Len (N0tBrakk3n) decided to set-up a site called NewSkeen to fill the void left by Tehskeen. I was quick to sign on to work for NewSkeen as it was indeed a noble endeavor and I had high hopes for the site.

Without being insinuatingly mean, I will say nothing beyond NewSkeen did not turn out to be what I wanted and I quickly became very frustrated with Len. In fact, NewSkeen is a bit of a joke on the interwebs today. When I offered to help fix up NewSkeen, Len refused to listen to me citing reasons of trust and he didn't feel I should have access to anything beyond permission to post news and permission moderate the forums. That was really the last straw for me. NewSkeen was a site that became practically dead after the first two weeks and I had no real ability to help it get up to the same level as similar sites, so I quit.

Shortly before quitting NewSkeen, Warpedflash came to me offering me unlimited hosting and webserver space he bought that he decided he did not want to use. Between the internal problems with Len and the free hosting space being offered up, I found this be less of a coincidence and more of a sign of what to do next. I studied several sites which I frequently visit and figured out what I liked and hated about each site. From there, I decided how the perfect all-around hacking site should operate based on my findings, wrote up a set of rules, and gave vbulletin birth to:
#1ntrusion on EFNET or freenode

I want to stress a couple of points which drove the founding of this site:
  • A site that is interested in all kinds of hacking and is not limited to video game console hacking
  • A site with a friendly community which is heavily moderated to weed out trolls and trouble makers
  • A site in which the sharing of knowledge from experienced to new hackers is at the forefront of the site
  • A site in which it is nearly impossible to get banned unless you are intentionally a large multiple offender
Beyond that, is entirely not for profit  and promises to keep you updated on the latest and greatest news in the world of hacking. So please, stop by and join in the fun:


  1. Sorry to hear that NewsKeen is dead.

  2. wut about desmume wii. we havent heard anything in a while.

  3. @second anonymous

    We've got stuff running at full speed now. More blog and video updates soon.

  4. @Anonymous2!

  5. thanx alot. im really excited about this emulator and you've done a great job on it.

  6. No problem. If you ever need forum support for it, come to please =)

  7. i already have the site in my favorites on the computer and wiinet :)

  8. Yo, sorry I haven't replied to your email yet: I fully intend to, but have been very busy of late.

    I'm interested by all this. I've been visiting Newskeen regularly since it launched and have been hoping that it was just taking some time to get started and build up popularity. I did get suspicious when I regularly found that I felt that I could tell Newskeen more about homebrew news than it could tell me. Perhaps I should have contributed...

    Anyway, glad to hear you're starting your own page - I'll go and check it out now, but I assume it's good.