Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dop-IOS MOD Enters v12 Beta Stage

Dop-IOS is a program that lets you install any IOS you want. Unfortunately, Dop-IOS used cIOS 249, the "warez IOS" to do so. Many people feel a resentment toward the enforcement, so I created Dop-IOS MOD; A program that lets you use any IOS you want, to install any IOS you want.

Since its original release, Dop-IOS MOD has become less and less of a modification and more of an entirely original creation. Unlike it's older brother, Dop-IOS MOD can install channels and system menus as well. It also has the ability to restore fakesigning ability to any Wii with a single button press. This makes Dop-IOS MOD a versatile tool in the recovery of a broken Wii (the gamecube controller support exclusive to Dop-IOS MOD helps out with that as well ;-) )

Lunatik wrote up the changelog for v12 on the WiiBrew wiki page but I'm going to give you a detailed write up what all of the exciting new changes mean here instead of simply posting the changelog.
  • Our first major change is that you can now install any version of any IOS that you want. You are no longer limited to just two versions of an IOS. Yes, you can install stubbed IOSs if you please. You can now downgrade any IOS.
  • We now let you uninstall any IOS.
  • You can update BC and MIOS.
  • When you download stuff, you no longer download stuff from NUS, you download it from Lunatik. Lunatik is hosting a copy of NUS on his personal server. So, if Nintendo ever decides to be like Apple and start changing stuff on their server, it won't affect anyone thanks to Lunatik's server.
  • You can now use WADs throughout the entire application to perform offline installs.
  • You can now safely downgrade your Wii to any system menu including 2.0 (the first system menu). This will not brick newer Wiis like older downgrading methods (*cough*Waninkoko*cough*) did. Just be sure you have the necessary IOSs installed before downgrading your system menu.
  • We now have Priiloader support throughout the entire application. This means that you can install Priiloader on whatever system menu you have installed. It works on all system menus.
  • Thanks to some code donated by bushing we now have the ability to update boot2. No, we cannot downgrade boot2. Be 110% sure you want to do this before updating boot2. There is no risk to it, but it will delte bootmii forcing you to reinstall it.
  • Due to how no one can consistently write USB modules in IOS we no longer check for USB support in syscheck.
  • Thanks to Lunatik's new server set-up, syscheck will now check ALL non-stubbed IOSs (ie: bugfix).


Support forum:
IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET


  1. "You can now safely downgrade your Wii... This will not brick newer Wiis like older downgrading methods did."
    How'd you manage that one? And are you sure it won't?

  2. Yes, we're sure, we tested it. However, newer Wiis don't even include IOSs the factory installed system menu doesnt need so you must be 110% sure you have the necessary IOSs installed before downgrading. I've said before and I'll say it again, there's really no reason for the average user to downgrade so even though it's safe it should be avoided unless for some unorthodox reason it is necessary. For research purposes, we expect a lot of people will take advantage of downgrading to 2.0 and other earlier system menus.

    How'd we do it? Well, first off, Waninkoko fails at coding. He uninitialize and then reinitialize the NAND every step of the downgrading way. He also could not downgrade IOSs (we can as stated in the first bullet of this post). Waninkoko also had a lot of other odd quirks to his coding. I rewrote things in a much more sane matter but never tested to see if it would downgrade a newer Wii. I just assumed it wouldn't. I just told people to NOT (and I still kinda am) downgrade.

    Secondly, Lunatik after about a week of endless testing mini code modifications to figure out why trucha bug restorer works discovered an entirely new bug in the Wii. We told Twiizers about it and even they had no idea it existed. We are able to use this bug to do a true downgrade of anything (IOS/MIOS/BC/Channels/SysMenu) (theoretically boot2 also applies to this bug but I'm not going to risk $250 to find out). We've even rewritten trucha bug restorer to use it instead of it's exploit (So we now refer to it as fakesign restorer not TBR).

    So, combining my 'sane rewrite' with Lunatik's bug we tested it on a new Wii multiple times and it worked!

  3. That's pretty cool, although like you said the average user has no need to downgrade. I just thought it was an impossibility on newer Wiis (well I guess it was, but only because of Waninkoko's fail..).

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't hosting Nintendo's files crossing that fine line that wiibrew and the homebrew community in general refuse to cross? Personally, I'm fine with it. I'd hate to see things get shut down or worse, lawyers involved. sounds really cool...certainly a tool that everyone will want to use at some point in their soft-modding adventures.


  5. Maybe, maybe not. I don't honestly know for sure. Interesting point though. All I know is that I don't host them and the WiiBrew guys do something very similar to help hack the iphone/ipod touch so they don't mind the app having this feature and being on WiiBrew.

  6. Just wanted to say that this app is really looking nice and professional now. I love the new layout and features. Thanks for all the work put into it. It really simplifies modding and testing on the wii.