Monday, August 3, 2009

Get to work on hacking your DSi

Wintermute has decided to release the DSi exploit he's been using to the public so we (the public) can play around with running unsigned code (ARM asm only right now) on our DSi's. It's a savegame hack that needs some fancy hardware to be copied onto a DSi enhanced game cart. Once the game loads the hack the Dsi is crashed and boots the unsigned asm code embedded in the savefile.

My understanding of this leads me to believe that there's not very very much room left in the RAM to work with after the exploit is executed (so any code you write will have to be short and sweet). So the idea is to eventually build some sort of a loader to load and run .nds files off of the SD Card so we can mess around with the DSi with less cryptic languages like C and C++.

If you have a knack for assembly programming and you have the means to perform this hack, I strongly encourage you to play around with this. Any information uncovered on either the DSi's SD Card slot or cameras would be greatly appreciated by everyone interested in hacking the DSi. This is a great time to turn yourself into a famous and well-respected coder and hacker.

Me? I actually don't own a DSi at the moment so I'm going to just sit back and watch the fun while continuing to work on my Wii projects.

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