Monday, August 3, 2009

Everything About the Shoutbox

The purpose of this post is completely explain (in great detail) how the Shoutbox on the right side of the page underneath the "Get Help Directly From Arikado" gadget works:

How to use the Shoutbox

Using the Shoutbox is simple. Enter a name in the box that says "Name" and enter what you want to say in the box that says "Message". Then click send or press ENTER on your keyboard and your message will appear in the shoutbox immediately.

To register your chosen nickname so no one else can use it, press the "+" button and then enter in the nickname you would like to register and a password for it. You can then use the "+" button to log in under your registered nickname.

The Shoutbox is a dynamic element meaning that you do not have to refresh the page you are on to see your posted message appear or to see messages posted by other users.

To enlarge the Shoutbox, you can click on the white underlined text at the top of it that says "Shoutbox".

  • The rules are subject change.
  • No spamming.
  • No links to vulgar imagery.
  • No exceptionally vulgar language.

The Shoutbox User Permission Power Levels

Admins are people with the power to delete messages left by users and IP Ban users with the single click of the mouse. They can also grant or take away moderation and/or administrative privileges. They are the top level people who can use the Shoutbox. Moderators can only become Admins if the owner of the Shoutbox appoints them to be an Admin.

Moderators can delete comments left by users and view the IP addresses of everyone using the Shoutbox. They can forward IP addresses to Admins so Admins can ban users if the Admins see fit. Users can only become Moderators if an Admin appoints them to be a Moderator.

Users are people with registered nicknames who can leave messages in the Shoutbox. You can become a User simply by registering a nickname.

Guests are users with unregistered nicknames who can leave messages in the Shoutbox and are infamously subjected to being treated poorly by other Users until they register their nicknames and become Users. Everyone is a guest by default until they register a nickname.

List of all Registered People who use the Shoutbox


Pinball Wizard


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