Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Use a Cheat Code to Bypass Nintendo's 20102 Ban Error Code

I don't normally report on "news" but I do report on homebrew developments that help out troubled/dismayed homebrew users. Especially those hurt by Nintendo's homebrew disabling efforts.

Lately, Nintendo has been dishing out the 20102 ban error code to people who cheat online, blocking them from logging on to Nintendo Wifi Connection. Now, two hackers under the names of abel09 and hetoan2 have created a cheat code which, when run with GeckoOS when you launch your game, will allow you to log online despite you being banned. In other words, this cheat code lets you bypass Nintendo's banning.

I've recieved word from multiple friends of mine that this cheat code does indeed work on any disc or channel game for any region. So here it is:

[Universal EC20102 bypass - mdmwii - REGION FREE]
F6000001 8001807f
7F83E378 38A00006
D2000004 00000003
3A6000ZZ 9A640005
3A600000 38A00006
60000000 00000000
e0000000 80008000

Please don't comment asking me how to run this cheat code with GeckoOS, since I really can't answer that as I've never run any cheats (ever) with GeckoOS.

Also, as a statement of my morality, please don't cheat online. I'm only posting this to help those who cheated, were banned, and will never cheat again since you were. If you do cheat again, Nintendo may just start banning users who have the HBC installed; regardless of wether or not they were cheating. And we certainly don't want that to happen!


  1. I applaud your efforts, but most people that cheat without fear of getting in trouble will just cheat again. I'm totally against this bypass. This is exactly the kind of thing that will bring the reign of fire down from Nintendo.

  2. why not alter geckoos to not load codes for games which are popular for online cheating, its unlikely there are many interesting cheats for TC that work in single player so why not just ban cheats for TC and other games in geckoos

  3. hi arikado its me, hbc. right now im at school and i have no irc what so ever.so i decided to do for the first time, check out your blog.now when i say school, mean elementary school, with those annoying web blockers.also im only 10 and i am in the 5th grade and thats the reason. oh gotta go,bye


  4. hbc again! how are ya. have you ever used any form of wiilinux?