Sunday, July 26, 2009

CalculateMii 1.0.1 Released

...Because no first release is perfect :-P 1.0.1 fixes a number of issues with 1.0 and adds a new feature.

First off, I fixed classic controller support. Sorry about the README claiming it worked when it didn't; it works now though. I also fixed a bug in which pressing 7 sometimes didn't work.

I've now added a new display option which allows you to change the calculator's displayed text by pressing plus ( + ). You can either view (the new default display) only the value you're entering, or both values (the original default display) held by the computer.

You can download the Homebrew Channel ready-to-go version of CalculateMii 1.0.1 by clicking here.
You can download the source code to ClaculateMii 1.0.1 by clicking here.


  1. Are you still having trouble with the calculator rounding up to the nearest number? Just to ask, would declaring your variable as a 'double' work better?

  2. Yeah, I'm still having those problems, however, I've tried double and it can't hold whole numbers or zero. When it does, it freaks out. Righ now, I'm working on incorporating the code from here: to solve the problem.