Saturday, July 25, 2009

CalculateMii 1.0 Released

So for some time, I've been trying to code a calculator application for the new dingoo device. Along the line of coding the calculator application, I quickly realized it was far too complex for me to develop it and not be able to test what I was developing (I don't own a dingoo). So I took what I had written so far and decided to cross develop the calculator application for both DINGUX and Wii Homebrew users.

A little less than 48 hours, I'm releasing the fruit of my labor; The Wii Homebrew version I'm dubbing, "CalculateMii".

In it's current state, CalculateMii can only add, subtract, multiply, divide, negate, and square numbers. Do to a limitation in C++ I encountered and have yet to find a workaround for (and I'm afraid I won't anytime soon unless I get some outside help) CalculateMii currently can not handle decimal numbers. When encountered with a decimal number, CalculateMii will round it to the last whole number it passed.

CalculateMii also comes with the normal "Arikado Features" you should've come to expect by now: It's small , fast, open source, has interchangeable artwork, interchangeable background music, and of course features the inclusion of The HOMEBrew Menu Standard Library.

If I can get some outside help, I'd like to update the application to a state where it can handle decimal numbers. I'm also working on porting it to DINGUX, so some outside help with that (I've never written code for any linux distro before) will eventually be needed as well. If you are kind enough to be willing to help/collaborate with me, you can contact me by e-mailing me at

CalculateMii isn't the greatest thing I've ever programmed, but it looks really nice and is certainly more than a practical choice of calculator to use to compute simple matemeatic equations.

Enjoy CalculateMii :-)

You can download the Homebrew Channel ready version of CalculateMii by clicking here.
You can download the source code to CalculateMii by clicking here.

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