Sunday, May 10, 2009

RE: Bootmii Rumors and Bannerbomb Release

The other day, there were rumors swirling about, claiming that Bootmii would be released by today. The following is a log of what happened when asked for confirmation of these rumors in #wiidev:

[22:49] (jassim> bootmiis out tomorrow correct?
[22:49] (jassim> sorry is this was asked a million times
[22:49] <@crediar> yep
[22:50] (jassim> thank you and thanks for the effort put into it :D
[22:50] <@crediar> no problem
[22:50] <@crediar> for fun, not for fame!

This log was forwarded to me by two different people when I logged onto the IRC at my usual time after school. At the time, I truly believed that Bootmii would be released by now. Surprising, because I never believe rumors.

Shortly afterword, there was another rumor (started indirectly by my blog post here) that Comex's Exploit (Bannerbomb) would be released at the exact same time. Now, today, Bannerbomb is released and Bootmii is not. Shocking, eh?

So what exactly happened here? I'm going to speculate again and take a shot in the dark guess here: Comex, like everyone else (including myself), released Bannerbomb believing that Bootmii would be released. This would give Bannerbomb a real reason to actually be released.

Unfortunately though, it looks like we've all been fooled :( I have no idea when Bootmii will end up being released (I never get to know these things :P) But I do believe it will be released relatively soon. Hey, its perfectly plausible that it was going to be released but there was a last minute bug or problem holding it up and we'll see it released tomorrow instead.

Dont despair, for those of you who cant use the Homebrew Channel because you accidently deleted it or moved it on to your SD Card, I'll be revealing a method(s)tomorrow that will recover the Homebrew Channel for most of you.

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