Friday, May 8, 2009

Comex's Exploit (AKA Bannerbomb)

Hm. A quick read through forums related to Wii Hacking or Homebrew anywhere shows repeating topics. "When will it be done?", "Where is it?", "Is it real?", "I said where is it?".

Hopefully this post will enlighten you and clear the air of ubiquitous rumors, speculation, and unreasonable hate toward Comex.

First, I wonder if any of you even know what an exploit is? On the Wii, an exploit is a file or program that crashes the Wii, and then loads and runs unsigned code. Unsigned code is basically our code. Its those boot.dol and boot.elf files. To give you an example of an exploit, lets look at the Twilight Hack. It was a save file that crashed the Wii and then loaded and ran a boot.dol or boot.elf file in the root of your SD card.

In case you haven't realized yet, Bannerbomb is only an exploit. It loads a corrupted banner, crashing the Wii, and then loads a boot.dol or boot.elf file off of your SD card. On its own, it will not install the Homebrew Channel. The unsigned code that it runs will have to do that. Who will have to write that unsigned code then? Most likely, it will end up being Team Twiizers again.

So with all of this in mind, exactly when will Bannerbomb be released? While I don't know for sure, (I'm not Comex after all :P) I do know that it would be pointless to release Bannerbomb now. Sure you could all use it to play Wii Shooting Gallery and WiiBreaker again, but it would be annoying to have to crash the Wii everytime you want to run a piece of code. So I'm sure Comex will release Bannerbomb as soon as there is something worthwhile to release it for. After all, it would be fairly trivial for Nintendo to push out a new release a quick firmware update disabling Bannerbomb soon after it is released. So you might as well use it to install Bootmii or the Homebrew Channel before you lose the ability to use it at all.


  1. Yo, nice blog. I feel like this information deserves to be disseminated to all the eejits who are screaming for Comex's blood.

    Since the BootMii rumour has swiftly spread, are you able to confirm it?

  2. Done!

  3. Official site died... strange.