Saturday, May 30, 2009

Now offering direct help from my e-mail account

Supposedly, I'm pretty good at helping people hack/modify their Wii's, PSPs, and set up their DS(i) Flash Carts. I get alot of PMs (on WiiBrew and one or two on tehskeen believe it or not) and random IRC IMings from people asking me to quickly help them. Like really quickly fast.

When you get me on WiiBrew it takes me awhile to respond becuase I litterally have 5 - 10 PMs regarding my projects and moderation that I have to answer immediately. When you get me on the IRC, I'm generally having an intensive private discussion with someone else and can't help you at that moment.

My solution is this:

If you would like direct help from me, please e-mail me here: I'll get back to you most quickley that way.

I'm willing to help people get homebrew running and/or get started programming homebrew on their Wii's, PSP's, DS(i)'s and any other system with homebrew directions that you're confused about. (It gives me something to do in my boring classes at school :P) Also, if I successfully help you, feel free to make a donation ;) At 16 I always need more money lol.

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