Sunday, March 27, 2011

3DS Get

I've had it for about two hours now. Initial impressions: 3D effect is not gimmicky and does not become less noticeable as the time you spend with a game wears on. I've yet to be given a head ache. Face Raiders is hilarious. Pilot Wings (the only game I purchased) is pretty "meh" so far.  No data manager yet? No internet browser yet? Disappointing :( Digging the new stylus. AR Cards are incredible, looking forward to seeing more in the future. Mii QR codes seem to hold a lot of redundant data.

Regarding a hacking "scene": Nothing too interesting yet. But if you're a dev you may find it worthwhile to pop into #3dsdev on EFNET.


  1. 3DS Looks awesome, but its price isn't. :D

  2. The price of 3DS compared to its features is extremely reasonable for what comes with it.

  3. internet browser yet? I hope they don't plan to sell it again like they did with the wii.

  4. Currently,the Wii internet browser is free again,I hope they don't repeat the incident of the Wii with the 3DS.

    Also,I saw a 3DS demo station at the Target in fultondale today!