Wednesday, November 3, 2010

West Released For XBOX Indie Games

A very close real-life friend of mine who goes under the moniker WizardBertius has just released an RPG he created by himself entitled West for sale on the XBOX Indie Channel for only a mere dollar.

WizardBertius has spent an absolutely incredible amount of time working on this. Nearly a year in fact. You can watch his developer vlogs (video blogs) of the development of his game on his youtube channel here:

There's a short yet truly incredible trailer of the game in action here:

Personally, it reminds me of 16-Bit RPGs - in particular a cross between Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. I haven't played it myself but I can promise you that there are far worse ways to spend a dollar than to play an awesome indie RPG meanwhile supporting a college undergrad.

Lastly, just so it's clear,  I am not in any way involved in this project aside from being a personal friend of the developer.

And speaking of college it's kept me extremely busy lately and I'm really fighting to fulfill my programming promises before it slips too much later into November. lukegb has made progress with the main branch of DOP-Mii using some things I sent him and DeSmuME Wii is really, really, close to it's next release. Hopefully more on them soon.


  1. Can't wait for a DeSmuMe update!!!

  2. P.S. I also bought the game West...I like it so far.