Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Wii Homebrew Guide I can Recommend

Hey all. Long time no post. I've been working my a$$ off on DeSmuME Wii, Reality Boy Wii, and most recently NullDCe for Wii. I've also been overhauling DOP-Mii (trying my hardest to get out a new release of the main branch this weekend) to take all of the cool new stuff from the WiiBrew version while keeping all the awesome patching support. Meanwhile I'm finding time to keep up with my college studies and to teach myself Python just for fun. Anyways, I'll be talking about all of this in the future. This post is about something I think is much more important.

I've always been extremely open about my e-mail address. It's castlevania7689@yahoo.com . I've always encouraged people to send me e-mails about anything and I try to respond in 12 hours. It gives me something to do (yay mobile devices) when I'm stuck in a boring situation without a computer near me (and sometimes people donate when I help them which is always awesome too).

The e-mail I always seem to get the most of is: "Tell me how to install and use the homebrew channel pl0x". I've always responded by sending out about five links saying read through these in order and you'll be good to go. Search around WiiBrew and HackMii for more information if you need additional help.

bg4545 aka Wiisixtyfour has now made an extremely easy to follow and completely comprehensive guide to installing and using the homebrew channel. This is the first guide I have read through that I can actually recommend to people instead of parts of 5 or 6 different guides. You can view the guide here:


I believe you will also realize that it is currently the best guide out there to installing and using the homebrew channel and I hope you will recommend it to other people.


  1. NullDC for the Wii? YES!!! I thought that would never happen after Raziel screwed us over for a PS3 version.

    Also, how is DeSmuME Wii coming along?

  2. I'm pleased to say that DeSmuME Wii is running very well thanks to a lot of work that (mostly) dancingninja and I have been doing recently with rewriting the rendering engine to use only GX. When we're done, we'll committ and make a new release. 2D games dont run much faster (most of them are already fullspeed with a little frameskipping -- some without :D), but 3D games have all gotten a significant speed boost. Next is to write a dynarec engine to replace our interpreter for fullspeed on everything.

    drkIIRaziel is actually developing the Wii port with me. Wii and PS3 are both big endian power-pc platforms so development for them goes hand in hand. The Wii (namely GX) is just difficult to develop for so I'm working as an assisstant developer on the project. We probably arent going to release anything any earlier than this August at the earliest though. So be prepared to wait awhile :(

  3. Oh... whoops.

    But I'll wait however long it takes.

  4. August as in next year august? Eh that's a long wait but I'm sure it will be worth it. =)

  5. Well, if it's September, of course he means next year.

  6. Great news on Dop-Mii! Looking forward to what you have in store for us

  7. Have you found out about the linking error with SDL when compiling Maelstrom? :P

  8. There's two main() functions in the program and Im not really sure what they are both for. I cant seem to get compiler to let me link them together in any sane way :/ Will probably take another shot at it soon. I'd recommend bumping your thread ;p