Monday, August 30, 2010

WiiDoom 0.4.5 Released

Back when I was working on Heretic and Hexen I was using the WiiDoom source code as inspiration for doing these ports. WiiDoom always had a number of little bugs with it so I fixed a lot of these while I was working with the source. My ports of Heretic and Hexen to the Wii came out so nice that I felt like going back to WiiDoom and finishing what I started by adding a lot of new features to the app as well. A lot of people really supported me doing this. Eventually, the WiiDoom team heard of what I was doing so they officially made me an owner of the project.

So now, here we are, with a new release of WiiDoom :-D

Here's what's new in this release:
  • Full SDHC Support
  • Full USB Support
  • Classic Controller Support 
  • Gamecube Controller Support 
  • Changed /prboom/ to /apps/wiidoom/data/
  • Various bugfixes and tweaks
Download WiiDoom 0.4.5: Google Code
Get the source code to WiiDoom 0.4.5: Google Code
IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET
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  1. What about sound & music? Doom music was exciting. Are you thinking to implement that feature?


  2. @Denis
    Read through the google code issues page or google to find one of several forums I'vee talked about it in. I dont feel like explaining here why its nearly impossible to do for the umpteenth time - sorry.

  3. exelent work keep working i love you=)

  4. @Anonymous
    If you're a girl, maybe we can get something going for us ;P

  5. SDHC support? FINALLY!!!

    You're awesome!