Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Powder Toy Wii and The Powder Toy Wii 0.1 Released

Sorry I'm a bit late getting around to write about this. I've been extremely busy lately and I wanted to take some time to discuss my position on the projects.

Before I start though, I just want to point out that "Powder Toy" and "The Powder Toy" are two very different particle simulator programs. They have similar names and similar interfaces, but that's all that's similar between them. On the inside, they operate very differently and it is highly debatable regarding which of two is a better program.

I ported both of them to Wii as I was begged requested to do so in #wiihelp on EFNET. Overall, the code is rather simple so I made a little bit of a live show in the IRC channel by porting "Powder Toy" in five minutes and then "The Powder Toy" in three. I made SVN repositories for both of them on Google Code (I've found this to be the easiest way to maintain any piece of code) and released them shortly after.

As you can probably tell, this was a very quick and initial port of the applications. They are fully functional, but some features such as the zoom function and internet functions were cut out as a result. Furthermore, the resolution and scaling isn't adapted to the Wii so everything appears rather small and squished. Still though, the programs work and you can have a decent amount of fun them.

Compared to other projects I'm working on, these programs (so far at least) aren't very popular and to be honest I'm not too interested in them myself. However, there are a significant amount of people who really enjoy and appreciate them so I will continue to work on them. Where I'm going with this though is that I'm pressed for time and probably won't get around to improving them for a while. So if there's someone out there who wants to work on them and improve them, please get in touch and I'll gladly add you to the SVN.

Download Powder Toy Wii 0.1: Google Code
Get the source to Powder Toy Wii 0.1: Google Code
Download The Powder Toy Wii 0.1: Google Code
Get the source to The Powder Toy Wii 0.1: Google Code
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  1. So if I send you some money will you work on the projects instead of putting them off?

  2. @Anonymous
    Sure - none of my other projects are really reeling in any money right now. Just add a message to your donation that says something like "Please work on Powder Toy".

  3. So isn't taking money to work on things a bit hypocritical?

  4. @Second Anonymous

    Hypocritical of what? With the limited time I have, I try to work on whatever people want the most. I work voluntarily so if someone sends me money asking for something I will of course let their request take precedence above whatever else I'm working on. That's just being fair.

  5. Thanks!! I really like these on my computer nd im glad to play them on wii now!

  6. @ second anonymous, if you were in the same situation wouldn't you want the money? That being said, I find these apps stupid and would much rather have Arikado work on his emulators and Dop-Mii, but it's his choice.

  7. where can you download the windows version?