Monday, June 14, 2010

/join #wiideve3 on EFNET

Last year at E3 time, the people in #wiidev on EFNET were getting a bit upset at all of the talk over E3 interfering with discussion. So I set-up #wiideve3 on EFNET to filter it out. Much to my surprise, we ended up getting more than 100 members in the channel. Discussion was surprisingly technically oriented and unique to that which you can find anywhere else on the internet. We culminated the event with a rather large Mario Kart Wii tournament.

This year, I've restarted #wiideve3 in the hopes to do something similar. 15 minutes away from the Microsoft Press Conference, we have a little under 20 members in the channel. I've also started an online database here as preliminary set-up for an online tournament.

#wiideve3 on EFNET is going to be a ton of fun to hang around in during E3 and everyone reading this should join. You can join from your internet browser by clicking here.

Update: We've got a solid 30 members in the channel now at the conclusion of EA's press conference. Still trying to get to a solid 100 like last year.

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