Thursday, February 18, 2010

The new tehskeen is located at

We have an IRC channel set up at #newskeen on EFNET. (Mention my blog and I'll give you a voice ;-) )

When tehskeen was shutdown I and many others were rather ticked off that we now had to check 12 websites everyday instead of just 1. Newskeen was created as a reaction to the loss of tehskeen in order to fill the void of a great one-stop news site tehskeen's death left behind. It is not for profit like other homebrew/hacking "scene" news sites. Sure, I still have to check 12 sites a day (and now even report what they write), but at least no one else does. I truly hope you all enjoy the site.

Perhaps most exciting of all, I'll get back to blogging about things other than newskeen now ;-P


  1. Y'all need to make the top logo link back to the main page or something. Once in the forums there's no easy way to get back save for the Back button on a browser. Was going to PM you there, but it doesn't look like that's up yet.

  2. "Sure, I still have to check 12 sites a day (and now even report what they write), but at least no one else does."

    what are you talking about.. how do you think other sites get their wii homebrew news? You are not the only one who actually goes through dozens and dozens of developers' pages and blogs to find news.., other sites do too... and very well.

  3. My comment reffered to how no average every day users besides me should have to check multiple sites now that newskeen is live.

  4. ok, thats understandable. Great to see that your site is up now. :-) Most users just don't really want a repeat of all the drama and as you said in one of your previous blog posts a "pissing contest". Just clean wholesome fun and co-operation. No BS.

  5. Arikado, actually I'm late with this, but anyway, thanks to you and NotBrakken. Loss of TehSkeen and a bunch of other affilated sites was awful.