Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dop-IOS MOD v11 Released

Dop-IOS is a program that lets you install any IOS you want. Unfortunately, Dop-IOS used cIOS 249, the "warez IOS" to do so. Many people feel a resentment toward the enforcement, so I created Dop-IOS MOD; A program that lets you use any IOS you want, to install any IOS you want.

Since its original release, Dop-IOS MOD has become less and less of a modification and more of an entirely original creation. Unlike it's older brother, Dop-IOS MOD can install channels and system menus as well. It also has the ability to restore fakesigning ability to any Wii with a single button press. This makes Dop-IOS MOD a versatile tool in the recovery of a broken Wii (the gamecube controller support exclusive to Dop-IOS MOD helps out with that as well ;-) )

In between v9 and v10, I added the developer Lunatik to Dop-IOS MOD. We worked together making v10 about 50% of each of our work. In v11 however, 95% is Lunatik's work. In v12 upcoming very soon, all of it will be Lunatik's work. Lunatik is an absolutely amazing and infinitely talented programmer and it's been a true pleasure working with him.

Here is the changelog for v11:
  • Any WiiRemote or GameCube pad can now be used
  • Fixed NUS offline installations
  • Power button on Wii and WiiRemote now works
    • NOTE: If performing an install the power will not shutdown the wii until the install is finished.

  • Reset Button on the wii will now exit to loader.
    • NOTE: If performing an install the reset button will not exit until the install is finished.

  • Added Scan Wii Internals to display various information about the IOSes installed.
    • NOTE: It is a known issue that it will not pick up all IOSes installed. This will be fixed in v12.

  • Console should fit the screen better now.
  • The Shopping Channel was hardcoded to version 18. It will now get the latest version from NUS.
  • IOSes can now be installed from WAD from the SD/USB. Channels and SysMenu will come in v12.
  • FakeSign Restorer (aka Trucha Bug Restore) will now install IOS36 in 1 step. 

Support forum:
IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET


  1. Thank you both for all the hard work in this tool. It's certainly essential for anyone modding their Wii.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. woooo thank you so much guys. Finaly its out *_*

  3. found a nice little bugg that dosent allow you to install a fake sign version of ios 60.
    version 10.1 allows you to do that but v11 dont.

  4. @Second anonymous
    Then make an issue about it on the google code page.