Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Universal Scientific Laws of Wii Homebrew or Hacking

There are a lot of interesting Wii modifications out there to perform in the name of Wii homebrew and Wii hacking. There are countless guides to achieving these modifications available to you by simply googling for them. However, how many of these guides are entirely accurate? And how many of these modifications should actually be performed?

This post will present to you a list of proven scientific truths to follow when performing any modification to your Wii. In fact, most of these truths or laws will even apply to hacking other video game consoles and even performing software modifications to your computer you're reading this on.

The less you do, the better off you will be
 Practically every guide out there contains loads of unnecessary steps of supplementary modifications to perform to achieve your goal. Almost always, at least half of the steps in any guide do not need to be performed to achieve your primary target. Always keep your eye on the prize and question whether or not everything you do is absolutely necessary. If you do too many unnecessary things, you are likely going to end up bricking your Wii.

Never, ever, ever, downgrade anything
All Wii homebrew and Wii hacking can be done on any Wii irregardless of the Wii's firmware. There is never a reason to downgrade your Wii. In fact, if you downgrade on a newer Wii, you will brick your Wii. So why risk doing something that is never necessary?

Have a credible reference on hand at all times
Any time you are doing something to your Wii, you should have someone or something to refer to for help at all times. Generally, experienced people and thorough references can bail you out of any predicament and walk you through any intimidating situation. Credible references are WiiBrew and Tehskeen. Credible people are myself, the people at the WiiBrew Forums, the fine folks at my forums, and the gentlemen at the tehskeen forums.  

Never let one person force you to do something
Its your Wii, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. If you don't trust someone or you don't like the advice someone gives you, get a second opinion. This is your Wii that you spent hard-earned money on, so be sure to take as much of your time you want before you do anything.

I truly hope this post will help you in making decisions while modifying your Wii. If you have any suggestions of content to add to this post, please leave a comment below. Also, please feel free to follow my twitter.


  1. Quote: Never ever downgrade anything.

    Well, are you sure newer Wiis will brick if they were downgraded? Im not sure about that.

    Actualy there is a reason to downgrade to a lower Systemmenu. On 3.2 you have better chances to unbrick your wii using a autoboot modchip than for example on 4.2.

  2. Yes, I'm 100% sure.

    And no, that's not true. There's no such thing as "chance". Either it works or it doesn't. Also, if you have a Wii that can accept downgrading, then you should be using bootmii boot2 for brick recovery, not modchips.

  3. Hm, ok. So newer Wiis with boot2v4 (LU64+) preinstalled cannot be downgraded?

  4. Regarding boot2, any Wii can have boot2v4 because it's included in the latest updates. boot2 does not determine which Wiis can and cannot accept downgrading.

    The LU64+ Wiis (or "unsoftmoddable wiis") will brick if downgraded, yes.

  5. Without crossing any lines...and because I've updated using your tutorial on the blog...what's the point of downgrading? No matter the system menu version, if you can get a trucha bugged IOS on your Wii (which anyone can with the restorer (at this time anyway)), can't you do whatever you want. Be it homebrew or even less than legal things?

    If I'm correct in my thoughts above, I would guess that the only people trying to downgrade are those that come across old tutorials that blindly tell them that they need to be on 3.2 in order to do "everything". However...even on Wiibrew most everyone will say "don't upgrade! Stay on 3.2 if you have it." It's confusing to newbees and even those of us that know a little more.


  6. Don't worry, you're not corssing any lines. I'm glad you asked in fact.

    Yes, you are correct in thinking that there is no point to downgrading as I've pointed in the post.

    It used be back in the day that updating to 3.4 killed backups so you'd have downgrade back down to restore the ability to play backups. Since then, as you pointed out, the coders have evolved their methods and this is no longer an issue.

    A note on 3.2: People generally call this the "best" firmware to be on because it is the last firmware before Nintendo began attempting to disable homebrew. Obviously, this no longers applies as you can take a brand new 4.2 Wii and have it doing anything you want within 20 minutes or so.

  7. Hey Arikado...after reading this blog I got hooked on tehskeen. Sad day today...looks like its gone. Have any other favorites that even come close to the one stop that tehskeen offered for all things homebrew/hacking?

  8. Yeah, there's no replacing tehskeen :-(

    ASAP, Im going to do a farewell writeup as well as recommed some alternative sites to them. Unfortunately, I had some legal trouble preventing me from doing this right away. But I assure you I'll have it up tomorrow.

    Theres no single site to replace tehskeen, but I think I can think of several by tomorrow.

  9. ive had my wii hacked for a few months now and yes,i do in fack hack online.but ive never gotten banned thx to ur code (hetoans and that other guys )