Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sporadic Updates on Everything

Yes, this blog (and its forum and its IRC channel for the past day) have been awfully quiet. This doesn't mean I'm forgetting about them, in fact, it's quite the opposite. I keep thinking and thinking about what I could write, and I intend to post whenever I have something worthwhile to say. This post is meant to be a little status update to everyone on literally everything and to silence ridiculous "I dont care anymore rumors".

First things first, believe it or not I have a real life too. I have a very time consuming life. I'm a high school student graduating a year earlier than I'm supposed to and I'm trying to get into college. The road to college requires spending many hours over the course of several weeks filling out countless forms to places I would like to seek a higher level of education at. Of course, a handful of these forms are way too hard to fill out for anyone not educated in their legal dialect so it must be done with the aid of a professional (in this case, a guidance counselor). Specifically, this has resulted in many long conversations involving me trying to explain to these professionals that I am "Arikado" and that I've successfully developed unsigned software on a popular gaming device, run what was a popular website, and have influenced literally thousands of people. Beyond this utter waste of time I can't afford, I have no money so I work long hours washing dishes in a busy country club. I don't mind all of this, in fact, I'm quite happy with my life right now. I guess the point of this paragraph, then, has been to explain that real life has been getting in the way a little too much lately.

Also, for anyone who cares, I've become an administrator on the WiiBrew Forums. It's honestly no more time consuming than moderation duties were though.

Now on to more interesting things...

DeSmuME hasn't been updated too frequently lately. But profetylen and I work on it regularly throughout the week and then make a weekly commit of our changes. Yes, development is slow, but it is progress. Things should progress faster when we get more time off. Two people have stopped into the IRC channel and have been claiming to work on it a little in their time off. They've promised to notify me if they make any positive progress.

Dop-IOS MOD is basically perfect now. Ultimately I could be done with it and only update it after every Nintendo Wii firmware update from now on. But you know me too well to know that I'd do that ;-) There's a bunch of interesting feature requests in the svn and I intend to incorporate all of them one by one.

Wii Shooting Gallery 2.0 will be the last update to the game. It's all done except for sound effects I need to add. mdbrim gave me the code to do it, now I just need to sit down and do it. Compared to the importance of my other projects though (DeSmuME) this is on a bit of a back burner so to speak.

WiiBreaker is getting the same the treatment Wii Shooting Gallery has gotten. I really haven't put too much work into it ATM, but around spring time I expect I'll have more to say about it.

Warpedflash and I are teaming up again to work to on a new project. This time its for computers though. It started out as a port of a Wii game I made, but it's rapidly evolved into something much more. It will be released for Windows, Linux, and MAC when it's done. This project is  mostly being done for the school's college application process. Wii homebrew is kinda hard to show off beyond youtube videos of it in action.

To that end, there will be an update to my ALLEGRO sprite class soon which incorporates translucency functions into the easy to use format of my sprite class.

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