Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Now playing Quake Live...

I have a bunch of friends who are into playing Quake Live regularly so I decided to get into it too.

It's awesome. It's the best fps multiplayer out there as far as I'm concerned.

I'm registered as OArikadoO under the email castlevania7689 [at] yahoo [dot] com. I'll see you on the battlefield.


  1. Quake Live FTW.
    The profile page stats would satisfy the geekiest of geeks. It's browser based, tiny (300mb ish) and I've seen it run on very crappy PCs. Above all else - It's FREE.
    The lack of private servers hasn't been a problem for my clan as we can always find and fill empty maps.

    I hear Wolfenstein Live is a strong possibility too...

    --Spo0ge Clan [-Spo-] -losing admirably and often since '09 lol

  2. Yeah, I need a mouse. My laptop pad sucks :(

  3. Fingers crossed that someone cleverer than me will use one of the homebrew 3d engines for a Quake3 Arena type clone ;) The Q3 engine is ten years old and sourceable.

    Cheers for the Shooting Gallery. I made a Lost [tv show] themed skin for it way back. Any more wii shooters up your sleeve?

  4. Nah, just the upcoming 2.0 release of Shooting Gallery. It will prolly be the last release to.

  5. Cool beans. sent u an add on QL. I'm steviemusical