Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dop-IOS MOD v9 Released

Dop-IOS is a program that lets you install any IOS you want. Unfortunately, Dop-IOS used cIOS 249, the "warez IOS" to do so. Many people feel a resentment toward the enforcement, so I created Dop-IOS MOD; A program that lets you use any IOS you want, to install any IOS you want.

Since its original release, Dop-IOS MOD has become less and less of a modification and more of an entirely original creation. Unlike it's older brother, Dop-IOS MOD can install channels and system menus as well. This makes Dop-IOS MOD a versatile tool in the recovery of a broken Wii (the gamecube controller support helps out with that as well ;-) )

Dop-IOS MOD v9 adds another new landmark feature: The ability to install an IOS that accepts fakesigning on Wii's that don't have one. This means that if your Wii doesn't contain any IOSs compatible with Dop-IOS MOD, Dop-IOS MOD can install one for you. The code which does so is directly based off the application Trucha Bug Restorer.

Besides reaching the next milestone in Dop-IOS MOD's development history, v9 also adds automatic default region detection and fixes a small bug causing the improper IOS version numbers to be displayed.


Support forum:
IRC Channel: #arikadosblog on EFNET


  1. Hey. Just wondering, for Dop-IOS MOD v10, could you modify the Trucha-capable IOS installer to download IOSes from NUS instead, and improve integration?

    Thank you for adding that, by the way.

  2. It does download from NUS. Use left and write to toggle between SD Install, USB Install, and NUS download install.

  3. Hey Arikado, one question: did you implement the SD read/write code I told you about some weeks ago? I would love it! *Testing the new version*...

  4. There is some SD Code for installing an IOS in the fakesign IOS install function, but it came from trucha bug restorer.

    I'm still planning on sitting down and implementing it in other places when I get more time.

  5. "Install an IOS that accepts fakesigning"
    "" (IOS15 revision 523)
    Error reading the certs, ret = =1
    Could not open file: sd:/IOS36-64-v3351.wad.out.wad
    Error reading IOS into memory
    Installing fakesign accepting IOS failed. Exiting...

    What now?