Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Signs in the stars (the next Nintendo update)

I'm not sure how many of you might have picked this up, but the next Nintendo Wii update is looming over us. In fact, it's coming in late October or early November. It will revitalize the Wii Shop Channel, giving it the functionality to accept a sort of 'Download token/ticket/voucher'. Other online aspects of the Wii may be changed as well. And of course, it will probably attempt to disable some homebrew. My guess is that bannerbomb is next on the chopping block.

But why do I think all of this? Well, the signs are obvious actually.

First, Nintendo gives away a free channel to platinum club Nintendo members. People who were awarded the channel were told that they would not be able to download it until November. Now most recently, people who paid for the internet channel are granted a free NES game. However, they will not be able to download it until late October.

The reasons for the these belated downloads aren't that the awarded content doesn't exist. It's that the functionality for the shop channel to accept or redeem these downloads doesn't exist.

This leads me to believe that a Wii update will come that ads this functionality to the Wii Shop Channel. And since Nintendo's revitalizing their online component again, we will probably see other changes as well like a new category of games to download from the Wii Shop Channel. (Wiiware "Miniis" or a new virtual console console anyone?)

Nintendo has also made strong statements this month that they're stepping up their fight against piracy (which also means homebrew and hacking in general) so we should probably feel a little intimidated. With Bannerbomb being the most common exploit, it's probably going to be the next piece of homebrew to go.

Anyways, this article is pure speculation and my "signs" in the "stars" I'm seeing may very well not come true. So yes, you just wasted your time reading a speculatory rumor mongering rant.


  1. Its a good thing that smashstack by comex is out.

  2. I'd laugh if the Twilight hack worked again after this. Or if we can exploit something in this new channel haha. =p I'm not updating unless they make some wierd GBP style thing for this and make it so you can only use it with an update.