Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dop-IOS MOD v3 Released

To reiterate from before: Dop-IOS is a wonderful program that let's users download and install IOSs hosted on Nintendo's servers. Users have the option to install the trucha bug into these IOSs when they are installed.

Unfortunately, Dop-IOS uses IOS 249 to do all of this. IOS 249 is primarily a piracy IOS (which in some cases is itself illegal depending on how it was installed) and many Wii homebrewers including myself felt a resentment to that.

Enter : Dop-IOS MOD. Dop-IOS MOD let's you choose which IOS you want to use and it now allows you in v3 to do so in the case of some semi-bricks via a gamecube controller.

Download: Mediafire
Source: Mediafire

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