Wednesday, August 19, 2009

gl2gx compilation

In the quest to port OGLRender to GX, profetylen and I have done tons of things. We've gotten extremely far on our own, but sometimes it is easier to do harder work if you have some outside help. Why reinvent a wheel that already works?

What I'm getting at is this: gl2gx. It's a GX wrapper that looks like OpenGL (so I guess it's a port of OpenGL in some sense) that supposedly works very well with extremely intensive and thorough source code that claims to have successfully rewritten most aspects of OpenGL to work under GX. An initial peek at the headers indicates it has everything we'll need to compile that last bit of core code in DeSmuME.

So we downloaded the latest version of the source (on the google code download page, it's called gl2gx-src-20080713.tar.bz2) and compiled it ... and failed. There were literally a ton of errors. (See issue 5 I posted) Since we had gotten so far on our own, we decided to just forget the library.

Recently, I killed my devkitPRO installation and had to reinstall devkitPRO. I was clearing off some old junk projects off my hard drive when I saw the library again. I figured I try again (maybe it would work better with my new devkitPRO). I tried and I failed. Changed some code, tried and failed.

Eventually, I realized my environment didn't match up with what the compilation needed so I changed my environment (and made overall only several extremely minor changes to the source) and it compiled. Simple solution for such a long (and now very boring) post.

Anyways, you can grab the compilation here: Mediafire
The source to the compilation is here: Mediafire

And I'll be sure to report if profetylen and I have any success with the library.


  1. What's the next step into the emulator that needs to be done? Have you seen anything run yet? I'm not rushing you but now that the core is compiled, does that mean that you now have a semi-working emulator?

  2. Current state of the emulator:
    We have two errors in the rendering part of the emulator's core (one of which I fixed but have yet to show profetylen at time of writing).

    After correcting these errors, DeSmuME Wii will have the ability to emulate ROMs, but we'll need to write some original code that properly uses threads to call the necessary functions. In other words, we need to make actually emulate ROMs once it gains the ability to be able to.